The Starting Conflict of Area in Palm Oil Plantation

The Starting Conflict of Area in Palm Oil Plantation

InfoSAWIT, BOGOR – Until now palm oil plantation keeps being developed in Indonesia. The issues of conflict do too. Department of Science of Land and Natural Resource of Land, InstitutPertanian Bogor (IPB), Budi Mulyanto said, based on the Regulation of Agrarian Affairs, Indonesia consists of forest, non - forest, the government, the government’s company, the private, and the people’s, the farmers (smallholders) and the transmigration regions.

But some mining regions and the indigenous regions are overlapping with the forest regions though the (mining) regions have been clear and clear. So it needs to release permit (from the forest regions) from Ministry of Forestry.


The other usage area outside of the forest regions should be released from the people’s ownership. It should cultivate the land (region) without plasma scheme (just business contract) and physical mastery (namely for the government’s region)


The complex regulation about license would make the area conflict. He noted, the land conflicts (plantation) happen for five reasons. The first is that the area was not perfectly got. (T2)


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