Palm Oil Changes the SawitFate of “Orang Gunung”

Palm Oil Changes the SawitFate of “Orang Gunung”

InfoSAWIT, BABEL -In the beginning, “Orang Rintis” or famously known as “Orang Gunung” separatedly lived in bushes around the mountain. They earn their lives by planting (pepper), making ‘rumbia’, hunting, fishing, and others.

In short, in 1996, Department of Social in South Sumatera Province gathered them who lived separatedly in one community. The Department wanted them to live in a region for getting facilities, such as, housing and a 2 hectare – area. Department of Social did anything so that they did not move to live, such as, giving seeds of paddy, corn, and routine daily needs. But the ‘Orang Gunung’ want to live where they should to.

The good news was given. Document No. 1651/III-2/X/1996 recommended that they (the people) declared as those who join ‘Pembinaan Kesejahteraan Sosial Masyarakat Terasing (PKSMT) to be plasma smallholders within the pattern plasma ‘Anak Angkat Bapak Angkat (ABA)’ -Kredit Koperasi Primer Anggota (KKPA). It was proposed by PT Sawindo Kencana (SWK) and it was supported by Recommendation Document published by Regent of Bangka No. 525.26/2010/V/1996 about Implementation of ABA-KKPA Kelapa Sawit.

About 94 of 100 families in ‘Dusun’ of Pelaik wanted to be the smallholders developed by PT SWK. 6 families did not want to join the program, including the Chief of the ‘Orang Rintis’, ‘Datuk (atuk)’ Hir. After ‘Atuk’ Hir passed away in 2015, the next generations hoped to join the program as the smallholders developed by PT SWK.

One of them is Bain, the son of ‘Atuk’ Hir. He did not understand why his father did not want to be the smallholder developed by the company. He earns his lives in simple way. In his daily activity, he should take the rubber from the tree. He has no regular income too.

“I regularly get about Rp 20.000 in every week. Though my father did not explain why he did not join as the smallholder, Bain hoped, he has a chance to join as the smallholder developed by PT SWK. I had limited knowledge about palm oil. But after I saw my neighbours and other villagers who now enjoy the result from planting palm oil, I do want to join it. They could build their house, buy motor, get medicine, educate their children, pay the electricity, and could have good meal,” Bain said.

“Hopefully, having the areas, God answers my pray to be smallholder developed by PT SWK. I want that my children and wife could have better lives in the future. I had no school but I want that my children can go to school to study. I want that they could read well, develop the village and maintain the good name of our family,” he said with emotion.(T1)

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