5 Phases of Palm oil Development in Indonesia

5 Phases of Palm oil Development in Indonesia

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –It is considerable that the people should be involved in developing palm oil plantation in many regions because they always work hard to develop the economy. Not only the plantation, they also develop other kinds of business and service to increase their economy.

The progress of the people’s economy around palm oil plantation is fast enough. The people’s plantation would get direct help from palm oil plantation company as their partner. Through the partnership, palm oil plantation would keep developing always.

So what about the people’s development around palm oil plantation relating to the value of its economy?

In the first phase, the people’s development around palm oil plantation derives from the partnership between the people themselves and the plantation company. Through the partnership, the people are active as the plasma smallholders to enlarge and develop their palm oil areas.

The plasma smallholders are involved as the participation of the people (villagers) who have palm oil areas to be cultivated together with the palm oil plantation company. The cooperation (partnership) should refer to the regulations and policy in this country.

The second phase, the partnership done by the two sides has automatically provided employment to the local people as the smallholders. Besides the smallholders could be from outsider who joined the government’s program (such as, transmigration).

Through the active involvement of the people, the palm oil plantation company enlarges palm oil plantation to help the government to develop every region to increase the people’s welfare.


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