To Make Palm Oil HR within Superiority

To Make Palm Oil HR within Superiority

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -It is believed that the needs of workers would be increasing as same as the increase palm oil plantations in Indonesia. Of course, it needs human resources(HR)  that have special skill in palm oil plantation so that they could directly adapt well in the field.

Because of the limited human resource in palm oil sector, many companies get the workers by hiring them from the same kind of company to work in as known as (a.k.a) ‘fallowing’ the workers.

Of course it is not the good solution. That is why, PoliteknikKelapaSawit Citra WidyaEdukasi (PoliteknikKelapaSawit CWE) tries to fulfill the needs of workers in palm oil sector.

Having curriculum adjusted with the industrial needs, and the balanced practices, it is hoped, the graduate from PoliteknikKelapaSawit CWE would adapt fast with the palm oil plantation sector.

To realize the synergy in the skillful human resource in the plantation, the palm oil factory, and the educational institution, now PoliteknikKelapaSawit CWE has some study program and specialization, such as, (1) Budidaya Kelapa Sawit, (2) Teknologi Pengolahan Kelapa Sawit, (3) Administrasi Perkebunan, dan (4) Manajemen Logistik Bisnis dan Manufaktur.

In 2018 Politeknik Kelapa Sawit CWE opens new student registration both as the representative of palm oil companies, region, and the high school students in general (for more info, please check:

From the information that InfoSAWITgot, the plan is that the new student admission in this year would be 70 in every study program and specialization (every class consists of 35 students) so the total target in 2018 would be 280 students. But of course, for the palm oil companies, it would be possible to make special class within the special activity and program too because the companies would be involved in the educational process. The result is that the companies would get reliable and good workers (employees) because from the beginning, they have to adapt with the condition and situation in the company.

Not only that, the learning process in Politeknik Kelapa Sawit CWE is that the students should have three basic personalities that the companies need, such as, Tanggap, Tanggon dan Trengginas.

Tanggapmeans care and sensitive to see something that is not good enough and has initiative to solve it without waiting for the order from the senior (management). Tanggonmeans tough, tenacious, and strong to face anything about life and the duty that he is assigned.

Trengginas means, deft, agile, skillful, works fully, carefully in doing the duty that he is assigned. It means too, having dynamic personality to deal with the life that is full of challenge.

To be ‘trengginas’, someone has to have tanggap, and tanggonbehavior. If trengginasis not followed by tanggap, someone would be a hard worker without concept. Trengginaswith no tanggon, someone would be easy to desperate.(T2)


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