To Know the Work Frame and Complaint Process in Sustainable Palm Oil

To Know the Work Frame and Complaint Process in Sustainable Palm Oil

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -To know the process of complaint and the solution, RSPO has made the work frame and the process of complaint. It focuses to the complaint aimed to the members of RSPO or the system that RSPO makes.

When the presumption of violation in RSPO scheme is found in the field, it could be reported to RSPO by e-mail or post. RSPO would not get it fast because its Secretariat would verify the documents. It would usually spend 5 days to verify the complaint or not. If the complaint is to the member(s) of RSPO that has certificate, the complaint would be followed up to the Certification Board that published the certificate.

Then the Complaint Panel would inform the claimant and the reported one(s) within five (5) days maximally. It would spend 14 days of work to get their response.

If the complaint has been decided based on the procedures and it has evidence(s), the first thing to do is to verify by investigation process. This would spend about 30 days of work. If it needs to investigate more, the Panel could take the third side as the investigator. It would spend 60 days of work.

If the fact is revealed from the investigation based on the complaint, the Complaint Panel could determine the temporary or urgent action according to the risk level of the case. “If the case has something to do with the certification board, it could be taken to the Accreditation Board or other entity of RSPO,” Country Director RSPO Indonesia, Tiur Rumondang said.

Then it would spend 14 days of work to report the decision for the claimant and the reported. According to CAP 2017, the member of RSPO that is reported could appeal the case and it would spend 60 days of work after the decision and the complete appeal would spend 10 days of work.

It is hoped, the complain scheme in RSPO could be the way to solve the case in implementing Principles and Criteria in RSPO simply and based on the field proof.(T2)

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