6 Claims from the Smallholders in District of Paser

6 Claims from the Smallholders in District of Paser

InfoSAWIT, TANA PASER – The smallholders protested knowing that the fresh fruit bunch (FFB) getting cheaper after the Lebaran day. One protest derived from the smallholders’ forum in District of Paser.

In the recent official statement to InfoSAWIT, the smallholders in the district met the officials in the government to get the solution. There were 6 claims from them, such as, the first, urge the regional government of Paser to send official documents to every palm oil factory in the district to accept their (the smallholders’) FFB based on the price lists decided by the local government.

The second, ask the regional government to warn or give sanction to every factory operating in the region that does not buy the smallholders’ FFB.

The third, urge the regional government to make the regulation about palm oil trade administration. The fourth, discipline every contract of FFB supply in the factories in District of Paser.

The fifth, discipline the loading ramp operating in the district and the sixth, the regional government should facilitate every union/institution of the smallholders to make and get FFB supply contract with the factory in the district.

Still from the official documents, the claim was also sent to the head of related agency in East Kalimantan Province, The Legislators of Paser, Chairman I Legislators of Paser, the Team of FFB Decision Maker, and Head of Agricultural Agency of Paser. (T2)


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