Wilmar’s Commitment on Sustainable Palm oil is in Bet

Wilmar’s Commitment on Sustainable Palm oil is in Bet

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –From the investigation that Greenpeace has done for some years, it is assumed that Wilmar and Gama cooperate by using the company, Gama that may not implement social and environmental cultivation to supply palm oil to Wilmar.

Head of Global Forest Campaigner, Greenpeace Indonesia, Kiki Taufik, said, Wilmar  should immediately save its reputation. “Wilmar should stop every palm oil supplier that could not prove that their palm oil is free from deforestation,” Kiki recently said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

Gama is one big palm oil plantation company founded by the founder of Wilmar, Martua Sitorus and his brother, Ganda in 2011. The concession areas of Gama belong to, are cultivated and managed by the family member of Ganda and Martua Sitorus, who become the Chief and Deputy in Indonesia.

In December 2013, Wilmar has become the first palm oil plantation company which published ‘no deforestation, peat and exploitation’  (NDPE) policy which runs in every plantation and the supplier. The analysis of the map and satellite showed that Gama had destroyed about 21.500 hectares of forest or the peat even since Wilmar published the NDPE policy.

Wilmar also had a history when avoiding the responsibility on the human rights and environmental violations by trading the most controversial concession areas to Gama.

The trade data analysis showed that Wilmar keeps trading palm oil from Gama to many big brands in the world though Wilmar realized that Gama violates the NDPE policy they have made namely about the forest enlargement.

“Wilmar keeps trading palm oil from Gama to every country in the world, including to those having famous products in the world, such as, P&G, Nestlé, and Unilever. The famous products should not let this fraud run without fight. They (product companies) have no option besides postponing their business with Wilmar until the company is legally proved to trade good palm oil from the responsible producers,” Kiki said.

Wilmar is in the Board of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). The twice - a year conference started on Sunday, 25 June 2018 in Paris. At least, Gama, S&G Biofuel Ltd, are also the members of RSPO. Based on the regulation of RSPO membership, the company having the same control or personal management should have the same management as the group. This is as the responsibility of Wilmar on what happens in the areas of Gama. (T2)


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