Palm oil downstream industrial observer

Palm oil downstream industrial observer

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Biomass from palm oil plantation may not be interesting to make business though some palm oil plantation companies have used it as the material to produce bio-energy, such as, using the shell and empty fruit bunch.

The shell and empty fruit bunch have been used as the alternative material for boiler. For the petroleum is rare to be found, the process of palm oil biomass has something to do with the same effort to reduce the negative impact for the environment because of palm oil plantations.

The abundant palm oil biomass becomes the good chance for some sides that know its additional values. For having calories as the alternative materials, the shell and empty fruit bunch are potential to be exported as the bio-energy.

According to some results study about biomass that had been published, the crude palm oil (CPO) would directly produce very potential biomass materials to be used as the bio-energy. The massive chance could be used not only for the internal companies, but also for the new and renewable products.

The big potential of exports and domestic from palm oil biomass become parts of supports from the sustainability of palm oil. The industries would be renewable and environmental ones which are managed environmentally. So the needs of the supporting industries could be in harmony with the palm oil industrial development.(Palm oil downstream industrial observer/Kris Hadisoebroto)

This article once published in InfoSAWIT June 2018


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