Palm Oil Changes the Situation in Tempilang

Palm Oil Changes the Situation in Tempilang

InfoSAWIT, BABEL – No source of economy in Tempilang, such as, industry or company, makes the region as the remote area. What is got from working is only to survive. That is why, when the government planned to develop palm oil, and socialized to the villagers, they were happy.

“When the regional government informed about the plan of palm oil development, the villagers were happy. But it was for a while because the information that the people knew, palm oil had bad influence for the environment,” a figure of Tempilang, Haji Imron told to InfoSAWIT.

“I was different, before the government realized the idea, I had tried to plant palm oil tree by planting the seeds that I found on the street. Alhamdulillah, it was successful,” he said.

The 58 year old man got stronger trust because the people’s palm oil plantations were developed through the cooperation with the palm oil plantation company. The company must follow up its business by developing palm oil factory (POF).

“Though the people could develop palm oil plantations, if there is no company developing POF, the harvest would be difficult to be sold,” he explained.

The POF becomes the successful key to develop palm oil plantation for the fresh fruit bunch (FFB) harvest could be immediately processed to be crude palm oil (CPO). The POF constructed in 2001 really helps the villagers around.

The operational of the factory belonging to PT Sawindo Kencana makes the harvest of the company and the smallholders processed and it makes better lives for them.  (T1)


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