Kencana Agri Sold the Shares of SAP

Kencana Agri Sold the Shares of SAP

InfoSAWIT, SINGAPURA – According to the official information to InfoSAWIT, the palm oil plantation company, Kencana Agri in Belitung sold every share of PT Sawit Alam Permai ("SAP") to Agustinus JT Senak & Wendy Esmara,  the third sides who are not in business relation within the investment reaching Rp 3,16 billion.

Still from the company, the share trade of PT ASP in Belitung within the planted areas reaching 534 hectares (ha) (main plantation) and 220 ha (plasma plantation) was done because it is not efficient to the condition to get optimal operation. That is why the directors agreed to sell the shares of PT SAP.

If the transactionn was successful, automatically PT SAP would not be the subsidiary of Kencana Agri, and Kencana Agri hoped, the trade would not directly influence the share and the profits which will end on 31 December 2018. (T2)


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