Palm Oil Develops the Environment and Social in Jambi

Palm Oil Develops the Environment and Social in Jambi

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -The development of the people’s palm oil plantation and the company’s is the successful key to develop the people’s economy in many regions. Jambi Province itself has had many palm oil plantations since 1980s and these help the people’s economy in the province.

As same as the economic progress, the environment around remains good because planting palm oil developa the social and environment.

Governor in duty, Fachrori Umar said, palm oil plantation is important to develop the people’s economy because the people could have regular income from their daily activity in palm oil plantation.

The company is not the only one having palm oil plantations in Jambi but the people are also involved as the smallholders. He thought, it should be cultivated in the best and sustainable ways.

The company and the smallholders (the people) should implement the best and sustainable practices in their business so they could increase their welfare but the nature keeps being good.

 “Palm oil plantation contributed about 29,41% to the Gross Domestic Product in Jambi Province,” Fachrori Umar said.

The important role of the plantation, he continued, becomes the factor to develop the economy. The fresh fruit bunch (FFB) harvest from the plantations to be crude palm oil (CPO) becomes the mainstay in the province until now.

He also reminded the stakeholders and the smallholders to cooperate one to the other in developing palm oil both for now and for the future.

He thought, the smallholders’ plantation could not compete with others if the company did not build palm oil factory. The company itself would come to an end if the smallholders could not supply the material to the factory, such as, FFB.

“The two sides should be in synergy to develop palm oil plantation,” he emphasized.(T1)

This article once published in InfoSAWIT May 2018


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