8 Successful Keys to the Future in Palm Oil

8 Successful Keys to the Future in Palm Oil

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -Having the educational system and reliable educational infrastructures in Poltek Kelapa Sawit CWE, it is normal that the graduate would be competent and have skills needed in palm oil plantation industries.

Here are 8 successful keys to the good future if joining or becoming the students in Poltek Kelapa Sawit CWE. The first is that the graduate would be highly hired because palm oil sector is in non-oil and gas industries within the good progress and since 2006, Indonesia has become the main crude palm oil CPO producer in the world.

The second is that there has been good cooperation with more than 70 companies which most of them have given sponsor or scholarship in the form of commitment to work after graduating the study. The third is the direct practices in big scale plantation/factory so the graduate would be easily to adapt with the work.

The fourth is that the lecturers have many experiences for they are from the plantation practitioners or from the advance palm oil factories. The fifth is that the curriculum is in industrial – base so the graduate would have adjusted science and skills with the specific needs in palm oil industries and they are ready to work at.

The sixth is that the practices are more than those in other same universities so that the skills become the focus and guarantee in the learning process. The seventh is that Poltek Kelapa Sawit CWE is the multi-culture campus because the students derive from many regions in Indonesia. It is good to be the incubation place before the graduate join the society. The eighth is that it is the institution to procure and distribute human resource needs in palm oil sector in Indonesia.(T2)

This article once published in InfoSAWIT May 2018


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