The Membership of Nestlé in RSPO is Recovered

The Membership of Nestlé in RSPO is Recovered

InfoSAWIT, Kuala Lumpur - Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) onMonday (16/7/2018) has recovered the membership of Nestlé S.A., knowing the proposal of time bond plan to get 100% of sustainable palm oil certificate in 2023.

RSPO and Nestlé shared the vision to change the sustainable palm oil industries in the future. They do believe that the achievement would need every industry to cooperate heading to the bigger transparency, inclusivity, direct involvement in chain of stock and development of capacity in the chain of stock.

Head of Global Responsible Sourcing Nestlé, Benjamin Ware said, the transparency in the chain of stock in the company is always the priority. Nestlé is always committed to use the material from the responsible ways and has made significant progress to the commitment by using full sustainable palm oil.

“Nestlé supports RSPO to change the industries wider and appreciates the decision to our action plan that focuses to increase the traceability, namely through the crude palm oil from RSPO which is seperated. This is done based on what Nestlé now develops to get the chain of stock that could be traced and responsible,” he recently said in the officil statement to InfoSAWIT.

He also mentioned, Nestlé would play the role in RSPO to participate in the working group and share knowledge and experiency to solve some environmental and soci0-economic issues that influence the sector. “As same as the goals of RSPO, the work would focus to prevent the deforestation, namely to protect the peat and high carbon stock, respect the human rights in every chain of stock,” Ware said.

CEO RSPO, Darrel Webber, said, RSPO would not be only the certificate scheme but also be the commitment scheme. When joining RSPO, every member should be committed to change the industry.

Nestlé has promised to increase their work actively in RSPO system. “Having this consideration, we welcome Nestlé in Roundtable, and we do believe that the company could fulfill its obligation as the member and would realize time bond plan. We trust that by working collectively, we could realize sustainable, honor, and responsible palm oil industries,” Darrel said. (T2)


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