Inspiring Story in Palm oil through Extraordinary Everyday

Inspiring Story in Palm oil through Extraordinary Everyday

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Palm oil industries keep growing and developing until now and they even become the world vegetable industries to be counted on.

For Indonesia, palm oil industries have contributed reaching US$ 23 billion to the exchange. Palm oil industries also have played the role to the gross domestic product nationally reaching 3,47%. The companies also become the sources of living for 16 million workers in the palm oil chain of stock.

Unfortunately, the world does not see the advantages. The world sees the negative only which keeps being vocalized until now.

Head of Corporate Communications, Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food, Wulan Suling, launched series of stories in the form of video about the other side of palm oil industries by the campaign, Extraordinary Everyday.

Wulan also said, the making of video series, called, Extraordinary Everyday would be done in two phases in three video series. In the previous, there were 4 series.

This is done to update the information about palm oil industries and also to increase the people’s awareness by seeing the real life story in palm oil plantation where the sustainable and environmental cultivation is implemented.

“The campaign would describe about how the company helps the people to increase the sustainable practices, supports the people’s empowerment, and supports to increase the nutrients through the persons who work in the chain of stock in palm oil,” Wulan said, Tuesday (17/7/2018) in Jakarta. (T2)


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