Asian Agri Supports the Replanting through Qualified Seeds

Asian Agri Supports the Replanting through Qualified Seeds

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA– Palm oil plantations in Indonesia are mostly in replanting program and they need superior seeds to support the quality and quantity of the palm oil production nationally.

The target of replanting program which covers about 185.000 hectares done by the government in 2018 would need, at least, 27 million qualified palm oil seeds to support the program.

As the biggest palm oil producer in the world, Indonesia could independently fulfill the needs of superior seeds to be planted through the seed producers.

One palm oil seed producer nationally which is committed to support the qualified seed procurement is Asian Agri.

Until June 2018, Asian Agri through the R&D Oil Palm Research Station (OPRS) Topaz distributed more than 4 million superior seeds to the smallholders and stakeholders.

The seed produced and distributed isTopaz Seri-3 which was produced from the cross of selected main Dura Deli and main Pisifera from Africa for it is the best one to make qualified seed within higher quantity.

Topaz Seed Senior Breeder, Ang Boon Beng told that choosing the seed is the key to get optimal production in palm oil plantation, and support the sustainable practices. “The replanting program in some regions in Indonesia becomes the best and right moment for the smallholders and the other stakeholders to choose the best seeds to be planted knowing that many fake seeds are sold through online media,” Ang said in the official statement toInfoSAWIT, Tuesday (17/7/2018).

The target in Bibit Topaz Seri-3 could produce more than 35 tons of fresh fruit bunch (FFB) /hectare/year within the yield more than 26% and could produce CPO more than 9 tons/hectare per year. The result would increase three times more than the common palm oil seeds.

Besides making higher productivity, the seed could be durable to ganoderma so Topaz seed is the best choice to be planted in the palm oil areas.

“We suggest the smallholders to check the source of seeds in the first place before buying to avoid the fake seeds. This would determine the long term result (production),” Ang said. (T2)


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