High Productivity Answers the Negative Issues

High Productivity Answers the Negative Issues

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -It could be really happening that palm oil would be a good business in the future. The high production progress is also supported by the industries which keep improving. Just like the procurement of superior seeds from each producer that has its own superiority. These would determine the success of palm oil plantation development.

Just like what has been recently done. The smallholders’ plantations are being replanted. This is done as the government’s effort to maintain the production and the sustainability of the smallholders’ plantations by giving fund help from Palm oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA).

The palm oil superior seed planting is the start to the success of the smallholders’ plantations that the government and the private also develop together. The smallholders become the partners of the private and the government to cultivate the smallholders’.

The partnership between the plantation companies and the smallholders has been running for too long to develop palm oil plantation nationally. The partnership is done by the smallholders’ areas and the capability of cultivation is done with the plantation companies.

The central and regional governments should help the partnership by facilitating the needs of the business, such as, help fund through cheap credit interest. Through the profitable partnership for each other, the plantation could be developiing and going better within the business plans.

The successful business is important too and part of the same success for the smallholders and the plantation companies nationally. It would effect the success of the central and regional government in developing one region. The togetherness of the stakeholders makes the successful development until today.(editorial)

This article once published in InfoSAWIT June 2018


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