SinarmasPlantation in West Kalimantan Helps the Villagers in 3 Subdistricts

SinarmasPlantation in West Kalimantan Helps the Villagers in 3 Subdistricts

InfoSAWIT, KAPUAS HULU – The middle class – villagers in three subdistricts -, Suhaid, Semitau, and Silat Hilir in District of Kapuas Hulu joined free cataract surgery that palm oil plantation company, Sinarmas in West Kalimantan did.

The free surgery is the form of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in health done by three subsidiaries of Sinarmas operating in the three subdistricts, they are, PT Kartika Prima Cipta (Suhaid), PT Paramitra Intanusa Pratama (Semitau), and PT Persada Graha Mandiri (Silat Hilir) in cooperation with Yayasan Budha Tzu Chi Indonesia, the repesentative of Sinarmas.

Sinarmas has been running the free cataract surgery program as the social help to the villagers around the operational of the company.

It is normal that those who joined the free surgery were mostly smallholders (farmers). “It has been five years that I got this cataract,” Sening, a villager of Nanga Suhaid recently said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

The surgery was very good for the people. If they would be operated, many of the smallholders were stucked by the cost. It is no question that they who joined the surgery have got cataract for years. “One surgery would spend Rp 7 million,” Tumenggung of Subdistrict of Silat Hilir, Matius Rajang said.

Luckily, for Matius, by the program, it is possible that he could be better, namely the eyes of the big man are in cataract. In 2015, one of Matius’ eye was operated from the CSR program of Sinarmas. Now he gets chance to heal his other eye. “If it is not Sinarmas, of course, I would be blind. I am really thankful for the help,” he said.

He continued, many villagers got the same from the free cataract surgery. “Hopefuly, there would be other programs to heal other diseases,” he hoped.

Mucai also hoped to see again. The mother of seven children also joined the program from Sinarmas. “One of my children said this free surgery. If it is not operated, I would be blind,” the 56 year old – woman said.

She did hope that she could see again by the surgery so that she could do her daily activity. “Thank you, Sinarmas. We do appreciate the help,” she said.

Meanwhile, CEO Sinarmas Plantation in West Kalimantan Province, Susanto Yang said, the program is one realization of what the company has planned to be free from cataract, free from harelip, free from hernia for every villager in 5 km radius from the company’s operational.

In 2018 based on the data done in 3 subdistricts, there are about more than 100 villagers having cataract. So as the form of CSR and the concern to the region around the operational, Sinarmas did the program. It is hoped, the presence of the company could give advantage and help the villagers who need it.

For those who want to join the free cataract surgery, the villagers should proposed to the company in the first place and the survey would be done. “So they could not directly be operated. There would be doctors to check them – do they have cataract or not. If they have, are they healthy to be operated or not? For example, they should not have diabetes or high blood pressure or heart attack and others. They should pass the phases,” Susanto said.

He also said, if the patient having cataract and the surgery could run, there would be medicine to give. “The company would take care of them and pay every cost until they are healthy and it is free,” Susanto said.(T2)


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