The Great Could be from Palm Oil Plantation

The Great Could be from Palm Oil Plantation

InfoSAWIT, BENGALON -Rencana Kerja Aksi Sekolah (RKAS) has made the school as the place where the next generations in palm oil plantation could study. This happens in palm oil plantations of Palma Serasih Group. The Primary School is the place to make good performance students.

Andriawan, as the Principal in SD Anugerah Abadi 2 makes him have lots of spaces to develop the school as the place for the students and the teachers to learn and study. He thought, the successful educational process depends not only on one factor but also every side in the relation with the students.

“We try to give better service and quality of education to the students in every single day. That is why, we try the best to train the teachers,” he said.

He also mentioned, the people around palm oil plantation company do not realize that it is important to get education. The concern about expensive school fee is one reason why they are reluctant to educate their children and get their ideas.

“SD Anugerah Abadi 2 is free of charge for the children around the palm oil plantation who want to go to school. Palma Serasih Group also helps the operational costs,” he said.

He also hoped, the school where he leads now keeps trying the best to graduate the qualified students by motivating them to join the competitions in the district and national levels. “By learning and having performance, the students would be the greats in the future,” he said.(T1)

It published in InfoSAWIT May 2018


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