Trade Balance in June 2018 Surplus

Trade Balance in June 2018 Surplus

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA– The export and import in June 2018 were surplus reaching US$ 1,74 billion. The trade surplus improved the deficit in semester I 2018 in a whole.

The deficit trade surplus in January–June 2018 reached about US$ 1,02 billion, from the previous January—May 2018 reaching US$ 2,83 billion. “The trade surplus in June 2018 improved the trade deficit cumulatively during Semester I in this year,” Head of Trade Assessment and Development Agency, Kasan said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Monday (23/7/2018).

He also explained that the trade surplus in June 2018 happened for the better trade balance both in oil and gas and non-oil and gas. The trade balance of oil and gas, from deficit reachingUS$ 1,21 billion in the previous month, is now only deficit reaching US$ 393,90 million.

Meanwhile the trade balance of non-oil and gas, fromUS$ 235,80 million,is now surplus reaching US$ 2,14 billion. Kasan emphasized, every side should notice and watch the deficit trade balance in Semester I this year. “Ministry of Trade would focus to the acceleration of increasing export and controlling the imports, namely the goods that could be substituted in the domestic,” he said.

Export in January—June 2018 Got Better

The exports in January—June 2018 cumulatively reached US$ 88,02 billion, or increased 10,03% (YoY). They consist of the increasing non-oil and gas reaching 9,66% to beUS$ 79,38 billion and the oil and gas reaching 13,49% to be US$ 8,64 billion.

The exports of oil and gas were cumulatively influenced by the increasing gas exports reaching 24,71%. The exports cumulatively happened in whole sectors, except the agriculture, which decreased about 7,70% compared to the same period in last year which increased 23,20%. Mining and industry increased too reaching 36,20% and 5,30% for each.

The exports in June 2018 reached US$ 13 billion or decreased 19,80% compared to the previous month. But the numbers were still increased 11,47% compared to June 2017 (YoY).

The decreasing exports in June 2018 happened for the exports of non-oil and gas reaching 22,57% (MoM),though if compared to the previous year (YoY),the non-oil and gas exports increased 8,61%. “So the trade balance of oil and gas was improved though it is still deficit,” Kasan said. (T2)


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