Jambi Supports Sustainable Palm Oil Stock

Jambi Supports Sustainable Palm Oil Stock

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -Palm oil stock which is sustainably produced based on the principles and criteria in ISPO would be developing more in the future namely in Jambi. The sustainable palm oil development would keep the environment and around well.

Sustainable palm oil production from the province would also support the stock nationally in every year because the sustainable stocks from Indonesia are the main support for the vegetable stock in the international level.

The increasing demand on the sustainable palm oil in every year whole over the world, of course, needs the good supply of vegetable oil, such as, palm oil from Indonesia to be always increasing. The increasing global consumption would only be fulfilled from the sustainable palm oil which increases in every year.

Director of Palm oil Plantation Fund Management Agency, Dono Boestami said, palm oil plantations nationally that implement ISPO mandatorily would have big chance to supply the vegetable oil globally. The increasing production is also important as the effort from Indonesia to maintain the sustainability of the environment.

Dono thought, the vegetable oil demand would only be fulfilled from palm oil namely from Indonesia. If it is fulfilled by other kinds of vegetable oil, such as, soybean or rapeseed, there would be larger areas and would be the loss for the planet.

“If the global vegetable oil needs are fulfilled by other kinds of vegetable oil, it is unimaginable, there would be massive areas to plant. Palm oil is the only one to fulfill the needs of vegetable oil globally,” he said.(T1)

This article once published in InfoSAWIT May 2018 

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