Palm oil is not the Factor of Deforestation

Palm oil is not the Factor of Deforestation

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - The accusation saying that palm oil becoming the factor of deforestation globally including in Indonesia should actually be denied by itself. The palm oil plantations in the world are much narrower than the soybean areas. The high productivity of palm oil plantation becomes the main factor on the sustainable cultivation.

Palm oil plantation that implements sustainable principles and criteria is also supported by United Nations. Through United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the Good Growth Green Comodity Project runs within the goal is to help and to empower the smallholders to increase their productivity.

Managing Director, Good Growth Green Comodity, UNDP, Pascale Bonzom, said, her side has done many efforts to empower the smallholders in Indonesia. They should be helped to increase the harvest productivity. That is why, they should do the best and sustainable cultivation.

The involvement of UN through UNDP, Pascale thought, is part of the big duty to ensure that the smallholders get better lives. “We help the people, namely the smallholders who still need help and guidance to develop more sustainable products to the global markets,” Pascale said.

She also did not too concern about the negative issues about palm oil plantations for the plantations have proved to increase the people in the remote areas. In addition, implementing the sustainable principles and criteria would be able to cultivate the plantations better and environmental.

The high corbon emission and the wider land usage in the cow livestocks, she thought, become the main part of deforestation. It is simply concluded that palm oil is not the factor of deforestation but it could increase the welfare of the smallholders in the remote areas.

The same thing was told by the environmental activist, Bustar Maitar. He explained that the palm oil plantation really develops the economy of the citizens of Indonesia. The former campainer of Greenpeace told, the cultivation should be urged more so that it will not involve in deforestation.

He though, palm oil plantation development based on sustainable principles and criteria should be transparently done so that the traceabiity process would make palm oil production that is apart from the deforestation. “Palm oil plantation companies should be brave to declare to the public that they do not make deforestation,” Bustar said.

The commitment to the sustainable palm oil development also becomes part of the environmental interest in the world. So the commitment not to do deforestation but to implement the sustainable practices become the same solutions to keep the environment good. (Read: The Pressure of Sustainability, InfoSAWIT, November 2015).(T1)

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