In Synergy to Develop Human Resources and Plantation Commodity

In Synergy to Develop Human Resources and Plantation Commodity

InfoSAWIT, YOGYAKARTA – Indonesian Planters Society (IPS) has recently been made. Chairman of Indonesian Planters Society, Zulham S Koto said, the factor that makes Indonesian Planters Society (IPS) is the concern of some Indonesian planters to make a place of profession for them because there is no institution yet. Meanwhile, ISP (Incorporated Society of Planters) in Malaysia has been running for one century. “By the making of IPS, Indonesian planters could be in synergy to develop their professionalism and contribute to increase the plantations in Indonesia. The planters are the spears of plantation industries,” he recently said.

The goal of IPS, he continued, is to be the best actors, and organization to develop the professionalism and welfare of the planters, and really contribute to develop the plantation, agriculture, and derivative industries, both in Indonesia and in the world.

And the most important thing is that the structure of organization in IPS is simple so that the organization could do anything fast to realize the short term program. From the information to InfoSAWIT, the structure in the Central consists of Advisory Board, Chairman, Daily Chairman which organizes 4 committees, they are, Organization and Inter-institution Committee, Programme Committee, Legal Committee, and Communication and Marketing Committee. (T2)


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