Seminar Nasional Planter Indonesia Successfully Ended

Seminar Nasional Planter Indonesia Successfully Ended

InfoSAWIT, JOGJAKARTA – After making the seminar since Wednesday (1/8), Seminar Nasional Planter Indonesia (SNPI) on Thursday (2/8/2018) officially ended. Chaiman of SNPI Committee, Darus Salam said, it was the sign to start Indonesian Planters Society (IPS).

Days before, the seminar did not have many targets, but at least, there would be 200 participants. But the fact showed, the planters were interested in the seminar and there were 230 participants and more than prediction. “We think, the participants were over to be 230,” he said when closing the seminar which InfoSAWIT also attended.

He also mentioned, besides more participants, the exhibitions were too. In the preparation, it was planned that there would be about 12 boothes only but the companies were enthusiastic to join it so the location of the exhibition, from the first plan, in the voyer of the building, should be moved in the building within  18 boothes in total. “Every booth had the business, nothing was empty,” he said.

But he admitted, there were lacks in the first seminar. His side would evaluate so that the annual meeting could give advantage to the planters in Indonesia in the future. “We would evaluate and make the seminar useful for the planters,” Darus said. (T2)


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