FORTASBI Makes Sekolah Petani to Sustainable Palm Oil

FORTASBI Makes Sekolah Petani to Sustainable Palm Oil

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –The sustainable palm oil plantation practices are not dominated by the big palm oil plantation companies only because the independent smallholders practice too.

So since August 2014 in Jambi, there has been Forum Petani Kelapa Sawit Berkelanjutan Indonesia (FORTASBI). This is a forum within the members, every independent smallholder who gets RSPO, ISPO, and ISCC certificate, and the independent smallholders joining groups, such as, Asosiasi Swadaya Amanah, GAPOKTAN Tanjung Sehati, Forum Petani Swadaya – Merlung Rendah Mendaluh, KUD Teratai Biru SUMSEL, KUD Tuhu Asih, KUD Marga Makmur, and others.

From the information that InfoSAWIT got, FORTASBI is supported by some non-government organizations, such as, WWF Indonesia, Yayasan Setara Jambi, Serikat Petani Kelapa Sawit (SPKS), Yayasan Inovasi Bumi (INOBU), and Sawit Watch.

Sekolah Petani is the schoool proposed by FORTASBI to support and develop the independent smallholders to implement sustainable palm oil practices.

Director of Yayasan Setara Jambi, Rukaiyah Rafiq said, the school would cooperate with many sides, such as, the government to implement and accelerate ISPO; the companies and the factories to support every the certification for every supply base, including the independent smallholders. “And many sides, including the markets to accelerate and support sustainable palm oil,” she recently said in Jakarta.

Chairman of FORTASBI, Narno said, until now many independent smallholders could not get the access of information about sustainable palm oil certifications, such as, RSPO, ISPO, and ISCC.

So, the school would give chance for the independent smallholders in Indonesia so that the sustainable palm oil standard could become the norm and the cultivation. “We want to share our experience and knowledge for every independent smallholder in Indonesia,” he said. (T2)


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