The Commitment of Zero Burning, Cargill Got Award from the Provincial Government of South Sumatera

The Commitment of Zero Burning, Cargill Got Award from the Provincial Government of South Sumatera

InfoSAWIT, PALEMBANG – The long term commitment of Cargill in zero burning through the prevention, monitoring, and fire control got the award from the Governor of South Sumatera. The award was directly given by the Governor, Alex Noerdin on 27 July 2018 for the plantation of PT Hindoli belonging to Cargill in Sungai Lilin,District of Musi Banyuasin and Mukut,District of Banyuasin.

Cargill, one of few foreign palm oil plantation companies in Indonesia keeps trying its best to be the advance company to control the fire and support the government to prevent and control the fire in the area and plantation in the province.

“The government really appreciates the companies that show their commitment to solve the fire in the forests and areas in South Sumatera. This becomes the benchmark for every side to play the bigger roles to reduce the smoke which in the end, it would eleminate the fire risks. We have to (do) zero smoke in South Sumatera,” Governor Alex Noerdin recently said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

Meanwhile President Director PT Hindoli, Ong Kee Chau said, the fire and smoke would be negative for the health and the lives of the local people. “We have tight zero burning policy in Cargill. The protection from the fire is the collective effort done by the stakeholders and we also cooperate with the local to do every proactive action to minimize the fire risks,” he said.

According to the company, in 2016 together with Ministry of Forestry and Environment, Indonesia, Cargill launched Desa Bebas Api Program within the goal, to empower the local to prevent and control the fire by detecting and extinguishing, and monitoring and preventing the fire. Until now, the Desa Bebas Api Program of Cargill involves 7 villages where the fire is susceptible in four districts in the province.

Cargill also runs the same program in the plantation of Poliplant Group in West Kalimantan. Some trainings have been done by involving 100 villagers in 19 villages in Sub district of Air Upas, Marau, Jelai Hul, and Kendawangan.

Cargill has tightly implemented zero burning policy since 2005 and the company recently emphasized the commitment through the sustainable palm oil policy. In 2014 Cargill signed the zero burning declaration to prevent the fire in the areas and plantation in South Sumatera and West Kalimantan.

The program of Cargill is comprehensive which means, the investment would be about providing the new fire tool equipments, assets service, including the fire fighters, and water canal construction as the efforts  to minimize the fire. (T2)


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