It is Time to Sustainable Palm Oil Development

It is Time to Sustainable Palm Oil Development

InfoSAWIT, BALI -Sustainable palm oil industrial development becomes one thing for Indonesia to produce sustainable palm oil (SPO) for the global. Chairman and CEO Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food, Franky Oesman Wijaya, thought, the world population who need of vegetable oil could be fulfilled by sustainable palm oil production.

He also thought, palm oil plantations in Indonesia are cultivated based on the principles and criteria in SPO which refer to the universal sustainability values. It is important to implement sustainable cultivation based on the sustainable development goals (SDGs) because these are the goals of every development in the world.


So as part of sustainable development in the world, palm oil should be enlarged based on the universal principles and criteria because it is efficiently planted in the areas, and the productivity could be increasing through the useful researches in the future.


The high productivity and yield from palm oil are parts of the successful sustainable development in the plantation. The needs of area would be the most efficient of every kind of vegetable oil. “Palm oil has the highest productivity of all kinds of vegetable oil,” he said.


In the opening ceremony of International Conference on Oil Palm and Environment (ICOPE) 2018,  Frankyalso explained that the international conferencewas to discuss the future of palm oil industries. He thought, it needed to explain and answer the questions told by the global which would be done in panel discussion, such as, the ability and capability of palm oil industries to muffle deforestation.


Palm oil industries could give business chance and source of living as the smallholders. These directly influence the people’s economy. “We could show to the international world about what has been done and the future of sustainable palm oil together,” he said.


He continued, the future of sustainable palm oil would be useful for the economic progress in the world, synergy of development on the food security in the world, the natural conservation, the employment, and the welfare of the people. The partnership that Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food has done together with non-government organization, World Wild Fund Indonesia (WWF) and research institution, CIRAD would be very important to contribute to sustainable palm oil in the world.(T1)


This article once published in InfoSAWIT, June 2018


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