High Quality Fuel from Palm Oil Biomass

High Quality Fuel from Palm Oil Biomass

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Within katalytisch drucklose verölung (KDV) developed by Dr.Christian Koch of Aalphakat Gmbh, biomass could be processed to be high quality fuel within less than Rp 5000/liter.

Technology Clearing House (TCH)

One function of BPPT is as TCH (Technology Clearing House), which means to study or test the fast developing technology in the foreign countries to be used in Indonesia. This country has become net-importer of fuel, which is about to import the fuel up to 1.2 million bpd in 2020. Katalytich Drucklose Verölung (KDV) technology, depolymerizationby using catalyst in vacuum condition) which was developed by Dr. Christian Koch of Aphakat GmbH, Germany, is the interesting technology to discuss. The writer had a chance to do direct study with Dr. Koch in the end of November 2017, by visiting the pilot plant, and took the fuel sample to be analyzed.

Technology of Breakthrough

The other biomass liquefaction technology, such as, Fischer-Tropsch, needs the pressure and high temperature to the synthetic gas to be fuel, using the material synthetic gas from the gasification process. The process is not advanced more for it is not economical to nowadays fuel price.

While the biomass conversion technology to be Bio Crude Oil (BCO) (InfoSawit 9 September 2017) just could make fuel within the fuel quality so that it could be used by the transportation. It needs to upgrade BCO through hydrodeoxygenation process which needs hydrogen, high pressure, high temperature, and expensive catalyst. The process is not advanced because it could not compete with the nowadays price.

KDV made of Dr. Christian Koch is the technology of breakthrough. It reacts in temperature 250oC, and in vacuum only. The catalyst needed is in coal, such as, Ca, Al, and Si. The conversion runs only for about 3 minutes and after the vacuum is distillation, the high quality fuel would be got. It is economical for the cheap investment and it does not need hydrogen in the production process.

High Quality Fuel

The result of KDV test showed that KDV oil (relating to the heat and viscosity) is almost the same standard with EN 590 (diesel standard) in Europe. But if compared with SNI Solar – 48, the sulfur is much better. If compared to biodiesel, the biodiesel oil oxygen is much lower so it is predicted that it would not decrease the quality when it is kept in a very long time.(Agus Kismanto/Balai Teknologi Bahan Bakar dan Rekayasa Desain – BPPT)


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