The Government is Urged to Improve Palm Oil Plantation Management Seriously

The Government is Urged to Improve Palm Oil Plantation Management Seriously

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTAIn the early era of President and Vice President, Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla, they promised the program to solve the inequality of agrarian issue. The program was put in Nawacita as the campaign in 2014. It was planned in two schemes, such as, Agrarian Reform within the land alloation reaching 9 million hectares and Social Forestry reaching 12,7 million hectares. Many accepted the high targets. But until 2018, half of what the government has targets does not running well. This is the next work for the government which may regulate about more less one year to go.

Executive Director of Sawit Watch, Inda Fatinaware said, apart from the government’s high target, the people are difficult to get narrow land (area). The land where they have had for generations may be taken or snatched. “The massive target and program make question, would they be realized or not?” she recently said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

Inda also mentioned, the inequality in land ownership really takes place in palm oil plantation sector. One palm oil plantation company could have and cultivate thousand hectares of area while the smallholders (people) are difficult to have a two hectare – area. They should even struggle for their lives to get it. So many wait for the government’s real work and hope that the program should not be campaign only. “To know that the government is serious or not in its program, Sawit Watch would propose  and claim the Agrarian Reform and Social Forestry,” she said.

Besides the promise to publish palm oil moratorium since 2016 has not been realized. The policy which would be made in President’s Instruction about Penundaan Evaluasi Perizinan Perkebunan Kelapa Sawit serta Peningkatan Produktiviatas Perkebunan Kelapa Sawit has no certain time to be published. It is the same to the agrarian reform objects, particularly in the abandoned areas, the license which has no legal or advantage well.

Inda thought, the palm oil moratorium is an important tool to improve palm oil plantation management. “But one thing to notice is that moratorium does not stand alone, it has to be monitored, evaluated, and the license should be audited in a whole,” she said.(T2)


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