Sustainable Palm Oil for the Millenial Generations

Sustainable Palm Oil for the Millenial Generations

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - As part of millennial generation, Miss Earth 2017, Michelle Alrianirealized that the information could be instantly got for it derives from the internet. But the information may not be complete because the article written is not completed by the data. So when she gets the information, she has to get other explanation from the books or experts.

Michelle said, her presence in International Conference on Oil Palm and Environment (ICOPE) 2018 was the chance to study more about palm oil plantation and the process needed to produce palm oil. Through the learning told by the speakers from the companies, practitioners, researchers, independent organizations, the government, she believed, she would get the right information about palm oil.

As Miss Earth Indonesia, Michelle also takes the millennial generation to support sustainable palm oil to be consumed. Sustainable palm oil is produced by not doing deforestation, not burning the forest, but protecting the animal, such as, orangutan, and others.

It is important to consume sustainable palm oil and the global society including Indonesia need healthy and safe vegetable oil to be consumed. “Sustainable palm oil is the healthy and safe vegetable oil to be consumed by the people,” Michelle emphasized.(T1)

This article once published in InfoSAWIT, June 2018


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