Measure the Production in Palm Oil Plantation (Estimation)

Measure the Production in Palm Oil Plantation (Estimation)

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -In the recent day, there was question in the timeline of public’s one favourite social media. The question is: “How to calculate the potential of palm oil production?”

At a glance, it is a simple question, but it is not. It needs deeper answer and description for there should be tabulating some factors, such as, the climate – relating to the rain (the main factor), the sunshine, the land namely about the solum depth, the slope, texture, and others.

In order not to discuss in many perspectives, the question should focus to one thing, not about the ‘calculation of the potential production’ but ‘how to calculate the production estimation?’ The writer thought, calculating the potential of production is not easy to do and the agronomists and the field planters never do it. The decision makers (management in a company) think about it. So this article would discuss about the production estimation only.

Here we go. The writer thought, this section relates to mathematic calculation but it needs to know and understand some theroies and technics too.(Head Agronomy, PT Union Sampoerna Tri Putra, Marlon Sitanggang)


This article once published in InfoSAWIT June 2018


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