Confirm the Competence of Palm Oil Workers

Confirm the Competence of Palm Oil Workers

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –In the latest news, there were many cases in palm oil industries, such as, the fire in the areas, and the un-acceptance of CPO exports from Indonesia to many countries.

The key of the issues derives from the competent human resources (HR). For example, in the fire case, palm oil plantation companies should have competent HR.

Not to accuse that the fire may happen for the incompetent workers, but having the high competent HR, palm oil plantation development would follow the available regulation. For example, implementing zero burning (when developing plantations).

In the future, it is believed, the global competition in palm oil plantation business would be tighter. So it needs higher competent HR to cultivate and manage the plantation efficiently. If it is not, every efficient business would not be realized.

Until now, about 126 kinds of commodities in Indonesia are planted on a 23 million – hectare area. Of the numbers, about 30% are cultivated by the big plantation institutions. It is predicted, the numbers involve about 22 million men from many levels of education.

It is predicted that palm oil plantations involve 150 thousand men (workers) who have competency. Of the numbers too, most of them may have not certificate of competence. As a matter of fact, the workers in palm oil plantation would be more about 10 thousand men in every single year.

Until now most of HR in Indonesia have fulfilled the minimal conditions in the test of competence. For the regulation of Minister of Labor No. 12 / 2013 has been published, every worker should have and done certificate of competence.

The scheme of competence certificate of the workers in plantation, if it refers to the policy (regulation), it needs to implement it because the workers in Indonesia should have the available standard of competence.

If the palm oil plantations have standard sustainable cultivation as regulated in Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO), it is better that in the cultivation, it is done by the worker having standard competence in Indonesia based on Standar Kompetensi Kerja Nasional Indonesia (SKKNI).

The standard of competence should start from the lower level to the manager level or even the general manager level. So if a business or company is managed by the competent men, it is believed, the company would be more efficient and have competitiveness. As the result, there would be advantages for individuals, company, and the nation.

Unfortunately, there are many institutions in Indonesia not implementing the standard of competence of the workers whereas it would make bigger domino effect. (Darmansyah Basyaruddin/Director ofLSP Perkebunan dan Hortikultura Indonesia /LSP-PHI)


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