The Successor of Kacang Garuda Group: Take the Smallholders to Develop Palm Oil

The Successor of Kacang Garuda Group: Take the Smallholders to Develop Palm Oil

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –Though the crude palm oil (CPO) price since 2014 is not better, it does not mean that the development stops at all.

For example, what Kacang Garuda Group does as one subsidiary of Tudung Group. The company keeps developing palm oil plantation by taking the smallholders. The reason is that the smallholders’ palm oil plantations are potential to be developed.

According to Ministry of Agriculture, the smallholders’ palm oil plantations lay about 42% of the total plantations in Indonesia which may lay about 10,9 million hectares.

It is said, palm oil plantation development in Kacang Garuda Group is directly managed by the third generation of the Tudung Group founder. He is Adhitya Eka Putera Soenjoto.

The first son of Sudhamex AWS thought, taking the smallholders to develop palm oil plantation could be sustainably done through 3 C principles, they are, Communal, Cooperation, and Cash. “The smallholders are important for they have big power as one group or communal,” Adhitya who once studied in University of Michiganand Babson University, Boston, United States of America, said.

Though they have big potential, unfortunately, the man who once worked at Ernst & Young, Hongkong thought, the smallholders may never have good position for the stakeholders for the banks may be reluctant to give loans for them namely to develop palm oil plantation. Besides the CPO price never gets better.

For information, Tudung Group cultivates the plantation through its subsidiary, Tudung Agri and has two other subsidiaries, they are,PT Garuda Bumi Perkasa and PT Bumi Mekar Tani. (T2)



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