By Semester I, 2018, PFMA Distributed Rp 4,4 Billion

By Semester I, 2018, PFMA Distributed Rp 4,4 Billion

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA  - After three years, Palm oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA) might do its work well. For example, in 2017 PFMA collected Rp 14,2 billion. While until the first semester of 2018, the fund had reached Rp 6,4 billion.

From the fund distribution, in 2017 PFMA got income reaching Rp505 billion from its fund allocation. By the first semester in this year, the fund reached Rp380 billion. Of the numbers, PFMA distributed the fund reaching Rp 10,6 billion in 2017 and Rp 4,4 billion in the first semester of 2018.

Besides collecting the fund, PFMA also functions to develop sustainable palm oil plantation, such as, making replanting program for the people. By the end of first semester in 2018, PFMA distributed the fund to 5.384 planters within 12.063 hectares and the fund reaching more than Rp 288 billion.

To increase the replanting program effectively, PFMA, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Treasury, and Coordinator Ministry in Economy tried to make the regulation of fund distribution perfect so that the fund could be distributed faster without decreasing the accountability.

Besides, according to Director of PFMA, Dono Boestami, his side also developed the human resources in palm oil plantation. Since 2016 to the first semester of 2018, PFMA gave trainings to 4.529 smallholders, 813 children of the smallholders, 930 vocational school - teachers, and 540 members of unions.

In the same period, PFMA also gave affirmation scholarship to 720 children of the smallholders to study in diploma program in palm oil plantation. “The goal is to have the competent planters to implement the goood agricultural administration and management,” Dono said in the Seminar “Menguatkan Pondasi Kelembagaan BPDP-KS untuk Mendukung Sawit Indonesia yang Berkelanjutan, Mengurangi Angka Kemiskinan, dan Mewujudkan Kesejahteraan” in Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta, Monday (20/8/2018) where InfoSAWITalso attended.(T2)


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