To Introduce Sustainable Palm oil in the Millenial Generation Version

To Introduce Sustainable Palm oil in the Millenial Generation Version

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –After 'Young Videomaker of Responsible Consumption' competition was launched in April 2018, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil(RSPO) and World Wildlife Fund for Nature(WWF) Indonesia announced the winner of the competion on Monday (27/08/2018), as part of the RSPO Youth Leader in Sustainability in cooperation with #Beliyangbaik.

The event was held by the Young Embassador of RSPO. The competiton was to take the young generations between 18 – 23 years old to show the responsible consumption through the interesting video and to show the products within ecolabel or responsible signs.

Of 81 videos in total sent to committee, and have been broadcasted more than 52 thousand times, finally, 5 videos were chosen to be the winners in the competition and would get price, Rp 31 million in total. The judges in the competiton chose two winners for the Best Video category - ‘You Can Do It Too’ and animation video, ‘Roro dan Suara Ajaib’. The Favorite Video Winners were chosen from the vote of the audience, such as, ‘Aksara Bumi’, ‘Diman 1441 H’, and ‘Satu Ramadhan’.

RSPO Country Director in Indonesia, Tiur Rumondang said, it is important for the young genertions to learn, develop the values, attitude, and skills needed to have more sustainable lifestyle. We believed that the effective way to help them is by educating and facilitating more around them (the youth).

“I am happy and proud of knowing the efforts of the young generations in Indonesia to learn about the challenge and chance in its relationship with palm oil and I also want to involve to lead the change to sustainable consumption through the simple acts, such as, not too excessive when consuming, read the ecolabel products, and or separate kinds of waste,” Tiur said when giving the presents to the winner and InfoSAWIT did attend too.

Meanwhile Footprint Campaign Coordinator of WWF-Indonesia, Margareth Meutia said, the young generations are the most influencing groups in the society and they have the better awareness to the environmental issues. WWF-Indonesia thought, the initiative of RSPO to do this video competition for them is the effective way to inform the awareness to their generations and the people in general.

Within the theme #BeliYangBaik, every video should have three invitations that reflect the sample of sustainable consumption, which is, Buy What You Needs, Recognize the RSPO Ecolable Products, and What to do with the Waste after Being consumed.

The judges were from Miss EarthIndonesia 2017, Michelle Victoria Alriani, Vlogger Indonesia, Pascal Meliala, Margareth Meutia of WWF-Indonesia, and Dhiny Nedyasari of RSPO chose the Best Video category based on the story, compatibility with the theme, and the quality of technic and artistic while the Favourite Video category was choosen based on the numbers of viewers to the videos in YouTubeYouth in Sustainability.

To see every video, please visitYouTube Youth in Sustainabilityor follow @IamYouthLeaders. (T2)


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