The Government Admits Palm oil Chain of Stock in Cargill

The Government Admits Palm oil Chain of Stock in Cargill

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA — Developing and enlarging responsible palm oil chain of stock should start from making investment to the community in agriculture and commitment to develop the sustainable practice.

Cargill is in cooperation with the government, local people, and the non-governmment organization to produce responsible palm oil and the government recently admitted the efforts of the company.

The subsidiary of Cargill Tropical Palm Holdings Pte Ltd.., PT Hindoli that cultivates a 21 thousand hectare area recently got “Investment Award” from Governor of South Sumatera, Alex Noerdin on 15 August 2018.

The award given in the ‘Forum Investasi Sumatera Selatan’ was a confession to what PT Hindoli has done for years to run sustainable, progressive, and responsible businesss in the province.

Besides in July 2018, PT Hindoli got the award from the Provincial Government of South Sumatera in preventing, monitoring, and controlling the fire in its plantation in Sungai Lilin, District of Musi Banyuasin, and Mukut,  District of Banyuasin. Everything that run was as part of tight zero policy published by Cargill and it has been running since 2005.

CEO Cargill Tropical Palm Holdings Pte Ltd., Richard Low said, as the responsible company in the global, Cargill cooperates with the people where the company clearly operates to develop social and environmental practices, and integrates the responsible development to the operational plans in every plantation in Cargill.

“It reflects in the initiatives and long term investment to increase the production of agriculture – by giving the support in education, health, infrastructure, and other needs for the local people,” he said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Thursday (30/8/2018). (T2)



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