Should Palm Oil Plantation Implement Mechanism?

Should Palm Oil Plantation Implement Mechanism?

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Mechanism is unavoidable in this era. In addition, the mechanism cultivation hardly becomes the main condern in plantation sector in a whole.

The increasing salary for the workers and the ways to increase the productivity so that the planters remaining competitive become the factors to implement mechanism.

The productivity could become a curse as the big examples and the income of the workers may influence them to work n palm oil plantation. They may be not interest in working in palm oil plantation where it is in remote areas to earn their living.

Harvesting the fruit by using mini tractor, and the application of the fertilizer within the tractor using spreader would significantly influence the productivity. This is one easiest thing to do mechanically. Uploading the fruit within ‘derek’ could be the substitution of traditional fruit uploading. In addition, the fruit uploading process would be more difficult to do knowing that the fruit size would be increasing in every year.To fulfill the mechanism process in palm oil plantation, the area and path should be prepared in the first placce.(Vijaya K Menon/VKR Menon Resources)


This article once published in InfoSAWIT, July 2018


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