Indonesian Chamber and Industry Would Run Transport, Supply Chain & Logistics 2018

Indonesian Chamber and Industry Would Run Transport, Supply Chain & Logistics 2018

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –Indonesian Chambers and Industry in cooperation with Reed Panorama Exhibitions and related associations would run annual event for the transportation and logistic industries in Indonesia, called, Indonesia Transport, Supply Chain & Logistics (ITSCL) 2018.

By proposing the themeInnovation Towards Industrial Revolution 4.0, Are We Ready?”, the fifth ITSCL would run on 12– 14 September 2018 in Hall A, JIEXPO – Kemayoran, Jakarta. The event would present hundreds of transportation, supply chain, and logistic businessmen from this country and other countries.

The logistic business in this country may be increasing in 2018 and in the next years. This is supported by the developing e-commerce and it becomes the latest trend in the society. The digital era urges us to do changes and follow the industrial development.

The fast infrastructure development and the certainty of going somewhere or departure also support the increasing index of logistic rank of Indonesia in the world. According to the research of the World Bank in Logistics Performance Index (LPI) 2018, Indonesia gets the better position, from the 63 rank to be 46. It is hoped that this would be the moment to the rising of domestic logistic and transportation industries.

Chairman of Indonesian Chamber and Industry,Rosan P. Roeslani said, the government is trying to increase the export. The acceleration of infrastructure development in many sectors is hoped to be equal in every region in this country. For information, the certain time and the decreasing logistic cost are the main issues to face. To solve those, it needs to help the government to accelerate the program of equalization (infrastructure) by creating a place that represents some stakeholders, they are, the government, the practitioners, and academics from every related sector.

“Indonesian Chamber and Industry believed, ITSCL 2018 could provide the platform. The event would be ready to be the place for the stakeholders both locally and internationally and they could gather to discuss the issue, network, strategy, and make the new business opportunity. We are optimist that the forum could be one event to marketing campaign effectively,” he said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

Meanwhile Vice Chairman of Indonesian Chamber and Industry in Transportation,Carmelita Hartoto said, the ITSCL 2018 is hoped to be the right moment to present the progress in transportation and logistic sector in Indonesia, both land, sea, and air tranportation so that the advance technology could create the integration of the e-commerce businessmen and other logistic business.

In the same chance, as the Head of Permanent Committee of Indonesian Chamber and Logistic in Logistic, Supply Chain, and Human Resources, Nofrisel, and represents Vice Chairman of Indonesian Chamber and Industry in Logistic, and Supply Chain, explained, the more integrated industrial development is supported by the technology, such as, IOT (internet of things), Artificial Intelligence, automacy, and other have supported the transportation, logistic, and supply chain industries to collaborate intensively.

Besides the corporate model business in transportation, logistic, and supply chain industries should be adjusted knowing that these sectors are dirupted, namely by the advance technology and the changing will of the customers. “When running ITSCL 2018, the observers, the businessmen in transportation, logistic, and supply could know more information about the implementation of technology and the direction of policy nationally in the three sectors,” he said.

On the other hand,General Manager Reed Panorama Exhibitions, Steven Chweesaid, as the organizer, his side is proud of being part of the industrial development of transportation and logistic sector. The event could be the platform of business opportunity in the sectors within programs of education and others. “We do hope, it could contribute to the other industrial development in this country,” he said. (T2)


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