Democratic Republic of Kongo Opens Investment Chance for the Stakeholders in Indonesia

Democratic Republic of Kongo Opens Investment Chance for the Stakeholders in Indonesia

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –In his visit to Indonesia, Deputy of Prime Minister who is also as the  Minister of Foreign Affairs of Democratic Republic of Congo, H.E. Leonard She Okitundu opened and gave the chance of palm oil investment in the country.

Executive Director of Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA), Mukti Sardjono said, there would be some opportunities to cooperate between Indonesia and Congo, such as, referinery investment, developing palm oil plantations, tranfer knowledge about the cultivation, and positive campaign.

“Indonesia now exports packed cooking oil. So it is better if there is refinery investment in Democratic Republic of Congo. This investment should get easy access, such as, the import tax fee to the country,” Mukti recently said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

Meanwhile, Deputy of Prime Minister of Democratic Republic of Congo took the investment cooperation well and asked the stakeholders in Indonesia to develop palm oil plantation in the country. “The main goal of our visit to Indonesia is to take the stakeholders (businessmen) in Indonesia to invest in our country. We could discuss the cooperation in real form in this very short,” H.E. Leonard She Okitundu said in the meeting.

For information, in 1960s, Democratic Republic of Congo was the fifth biggest country as the palm oil producer. As the time went by and the un-supportive political situation, palm oil industries did not develop as what they supposed. But now, it is better and the country wants to enliven palm oil industries. In the meeting, it was known that there have been 10 million hectares available in the country and could be cultivated for agriculture, including for palm oil plantation. Congo also offers the ease of investment, such as, license facility, security, zero percent of additional and income tax.

It is hoped, in very short, the stakeholders joining IPOA could advance the cooperation to get the new markets in palm oil exports and in the other forms of cooperation with Congo. It is promising to develop palm oil plantation in the country knowing that the Democratic Republic of Congo has more than 80 million citizens and it is in the middle of Africa. It is very possible to market the palm oil products to the neighbourhood countries. (T2)


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