Three Main Goals to Make ‘Desa Siaga Api’

Three Main Goals to Make ‘Desa Siaga Api’

InfoSAWIT, KALBAR -CEO Perkebunan Sinar Mas in West Kalimantan, Susanto Yang said, there are three main goals to make‘Desa Siaga Api’. The first, it is to take the people participatory to prevent the fire in the forest and areas and also as the efforts so that the people are aware of the impact of the fire and change their behaviour.

The second, it is to make the taskforce in every village around the company within 15 members in every village to monitor the fire. In West Kalimantan, one palm oil plantation company, PT SMART has made 8 ‘Desa Siaga Api’, by getting the training fromManggala Agni and The Army so that they are ready when facing the fire and understanding the meaning of fire.

The third, it is to make the participatory mapping team which is facilitated by the company by involving the people to support the program of village limits and then, the limits could be mapped to know where the company’s palm oil areas, the people’s and rubber plantation. The map is to know the risks of fire. “We also give help in the infrastructure (equipment) to fire extinction, including, making the ‘embung’ or hole to be the place for water in every spot that is potential to be in flame so that the water is enough to wet the area and also making the block canal,” Susanto said.

The most important thing in the program is that the company also gives reward/incentive in the form of infrastructure help for the village that successfully prevents the fire in the forest and areas. (T2)

This article once published in InfoSAWIT, February 2016


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