‘Desa Siaga Api’ Helps to Minimize the Fire in the Forest and Areas

‘Desa Siaga Api’ Helps to Minimize the Fire in the Forest and Areas

InfoSAWIT, KALBAR – Head of Village of Lembah Hijau 2, Tri Gunawan said, the ‘Desa Siaga Api’ program and the making of ‘Masyarakat Peduli Api’ have helped the villagers to prevent the fire in the forest and areas. Days before, in every year in the village, the fire kept happening. “Years before, in every single year, there should be fire in the areas. But now, we could prevent it. In the future, we keep trying our best to prevent it,” he said.

Besides getting the infrastructure helps, such as, the fire equipment from the company, the villagers of Lembah Hijau 2 independently put aside, Rp 20 million from Alokasi Dana Desa (ADD) to help and prevent the fire in the areas.

The fund was used to the 15 Taskforces of ‘Desa Siaga Api’ from the villagers themselves. “We keep monitoring the potential hotspot,” Tri said.

Meanwhile Managing Director Golden Agri-Resources, Agus Purnomo said, the making of ‘Desa Siaga Api’ becomes one effort to change the behaviour of the villagers to be more careful and they would not throw their cigarette randomly, do not enlarge the areas by burning, and they keep the forest away from the fire.

“The target is the change of point of view and the behaviour not to use fire in the cultivation in their plantation. It is hoped too, the behaviour has changed,” Agus said. (T2)


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