Acceleration and Credibility of ISPO to Fight for the Negative Issues

Photo: Public Relation of General Directorate of Plantation /Gagat
Acceleration and Credibility of ISPO to Fight for the Negative Issues

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Palm oil is the target in trade war in many countries, namely Europe by accusing, it damages the environment, triggers the green house gas, makes deforestation, raises children labor, and others. The mainstay commodity in Indonesia could not be sold in other countries, namely palm oil biodiesel. If it is forbidden, namely the derivative products, there would be wider impact to the tax and exchange acceptance, economic progress, the lack of work, and the welfare of million of smallholders (planters).

General Director of Plantation, Ministry of Agriculture, Bambang said, Indonesia should be wise but strict and keep improving the palm oil governance to respond the negative issues in palm oil. They are not fully the same as the facts, and Indonesia should arrange the Strategis of Communication and Diplomacy. Indonesia should not take part in the game that Europe plays but should respond to realize European Union effectively.

“No matter how good what we have done, European Union would never stop attacking palm oil. It is the most strategic and efficient commodity to make food and energy,” he said when giving Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certificate in Jakarta in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Tuesday (18/9/2018).

He also mentioned, as the big nation, Indonesia should get the wisdom from the attack. This is the right moment so that every stakeholder could be solid, synergy, and unified to face the black campaigns.

“The other wisdom is that we need to improve ourselves and the governance both for the big industries, and the people’ plantations, the partnership between the companies and the plasma or independent smallholders so that our industries could compete and be increasing more and the global markets accept it,” he said.

So the government keeps supporting the good governance based on the regulation in ISPO certification system. Ministry of Agriculture is committed through the Acceleration of ISPO Certificate Policy by targetting, Indonesia could get the ISPO certificate. “From about 14 million hectares of the plantation in Indonesia, about 20 percent get the ISPO certificate, including 6 (six) unions of the people’s plantation (3 (three) plasma unions and 3 (three) independent associations).

There are some major issues why few smallholders could get ISPO certificate, such as, the legal of area, the Cultivation Documents, the reluctance to make union, and the financing (pre – condition, and the audit cost).

“Ministry of Agriculture through General Directorate of Plantation/ISPO Commission are trying the best to convince many sides so that Palm oil Plantation Fund Management Agency could facilitate the pre – condition cost and ISPO audit,” Bambang said. (T2)


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