Partnership, The Successful Key in Plasma Program

Photo: Aspek-PIR
Partnership, The Successful Key in Plasma Program

InfoSAWIT, PEKANBARU – The implementation of ‘Peremajaan Sawit Rakyat’ (PSR) Program or the Smallholders Replanting Program, that the government run since in the end of 2017 is to increase their productivity. In the beginning, the target of PSR reached 20 thousand hectares only but it gets wider to be 185 thousand hectares in 2018.

Unfortunately, the target faces some issues, such as, the smallholders are difficult to have legal clear and clean area. Besides the independent smallholders’ areas are sporadically in many regions. The option to run PSR is the plasma smallholders who are in partnership or the former members of PIR-Trans.

But Vice Chairman of Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA), Togar Sitanggang said, it is not easy to decide the option knowing that the PSR should be implemented to the independent smallholders.

“Until now, it is difficult to get the independent smallholders’ groups whose plantations are ready to be replanted, both from the legal and the data of the members,” he said Tuesday (18/9/2018).

Willing or not, it needs other alternative to run PSR to increase their productivity. The smallholders joining Aspek PIR become the wise option to realize the program. But, he continued, the other factor to run the PSR needs the partnership scheme with the main plantation (company) though there are pro and contra still.

Meanwhile Director of Palm oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA), Herdrajat said, having the alternative to run the replanting program for the members of Aspek-PIR, the target of the program could be fulfilled. “Having the Aspek-PIR, the program could be easily realized,”  he said.

For information, besides about the readiness of the smallholders, there are more issues about the PSR in the Konferensi & Expo Kemitraan Petani Kelapa Sawit,  in Hotel Pangeran, Pekanbaru, that runs on 19-20 September 2018.

It is said, the event would be inaugurated by Governor of Riau. PFMA, Ministry of Agriculture, the members of Aspek-PIR Indonesia would attend and Aspek -PIR would confirm and declare the institution in the event. (T2)


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