Louis Dreyfus Launched the Program to Increase the Capacity in School

Louis Dreyfus Launched the Program to Increase the Capacity in School

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA  – Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) recently announced the program“Sekolah Masa Depan”. It is the program to increase the capacity of the students and the teachers in Jakarta and Balikpapan. The program was successful for the first time in Lampung one year ago. The program funded by Louis Dreyfus Foundation would be running in two elementary schools to increase the facility of the school, trainning to the teachers and parents, and involve the students actively.

In Jakarta, where it is the headquarter of LDC Indonesia, LDC makes partnership with SDN 01 Gambir on Jalan Medan Merdeka Timur in the complex ofGaleri Nasional Indonesia. In Balikpapan, LDC runs the program in the complex of integrated palm oil refining and cooperates with SDN 004 Penajam in Pantai Lango, Sub district of Penajam. The two schools have more than 500 students and 34 teachers and chosen after studying the whole needs.

President Director of LDC Indonesia, Rubens Marques said, as the company committing to support the local people’s welfare, LDC is happy to expand the CSR program which was successful in Lampung to Jakarta and Balikpapan, the two important locations where LDC operates.

“The program is realized by the extraordinary support from Louis Dreyfus Foundation. We do believe that the children are the future of every nation. By investing in them, LDC hoped to contributed more for the future of Indonesia,” he said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Wednesday (19/9/2018).

Meanwhile General Manager Louis Dreyfus Foundation,Robert Serpollet said that by the new mandate which is expanded to support and increase the local people’s welfare, Louis Dreyfus Foundation would be glad to realize the initiative in LDC Indonesia. “By involving the headmaster, the teachers, the parents, and the students, we believe, the program would have big potential to make the positive results for the people in Jakarta and Balikpapan through the local school empowerment,” Robert Serpollet said.

To increase the facilities of the schools, LDC would support to renovate the basket ball field in SDN 01 Gambir in Jakarta, and construct the well, add watercloset, and renovate the field in SDN 004 Penajam in Balikpapan.

By involving the expers in WeTheTeachers, an organization in Indonesia to design and run the program to increase professional teachers’ capacity, the program of ‘ Sekolah Masa Depan’ would cover the training based on the educational principles in value-base. The training would give the skill to creative teaching method, the execution in the room for the teachers, the skill to develop the school for the headmaster.WeTheTeacherswould also lead the group discussion for the parents in each school to help them to empower the positive things for their children at home.(T2)


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