Sawit Watch: Moratorium, Part to Improve Palm oil Governance

Sawit Watch: Moratorium, Part to Improve Palm oil Governance

InfoSAWIT, BOGOR -  President Joko Widodo,on 14 April 2016 declared to make moratorium to palm oil and coal. It was finally realized by publishing the President’s Instruction No. 8 / 2018 about the Postponement and Evaluation of Palm oil Plantation Moratorium, and the Palm Oil Plantation Productivity Enhancement or Penundaan dan Evaluasi Perizinan Perkebunan Kelapa Sawit, serta Peningkatan Produktivitas Perkebunan Kelapa Sawit.

Through the policy, the government tries to increase the sustainable palm oil plantation governance, make the legal certainty, keep and protect the environment, reduce the green – house gas emission, increase the smallholders’ development, and increase the productivity of the plantation

In the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Thursday (20/9/2018), palm oil moratorium is the right moment to improve its governance. It is predicted, there have been about 22,2 million hectares of palm oil plantations but the agrarian conflicts still happen and increase in every single year. Our data showed that there have been 750 conflicts in palm oil plantations.

Executive Director of Sawit WatchInda Fatinaware said, her side really appreciated the publication of the policy after the people long for it, since 2016. “The President’s Instruction is only the part to improve the governance in palm oil plantations to be the better ones,” she said.

She also mentioned, in the implementation, the policy should be in synergy with other policies so it would not stop in the form of President’s Instruction only. “The implementation in the palm should be executed and monitored too so that the governance could be better. This is the essence,” Inda said. (T2)


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