Biodiesel Mandatory (B20) Could Use Cooking Oil Waste

Biodiesel Mandatory (B20) Could Use Cooking Oil Waste

InfoSAWIT, BATAM – Deputy Asisstant of Plantation and Horticulture, Coordinator Ministry in Economy, Willistra Danny said, the expansion of B20 Mandatory Program is part of the global trend to use fuel. It is by subsidizing the fossil fuel to vegetable fuel.

“Using B20 means that we are on the track of the world trend. If it is not now, we are left behind for the fossil fuel would be about to end,” he said  in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Tuesday (26/9/2018).

He also suggested that the biodiesel could be advantaged by using the cooking oil waste. He thought, this has been implemented in many countries. “In the future, it could advantage the oil which becomes the waste to produce biodiesel,” Willistra said. (T2)


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