The Complex of PPKS Was Claimed to be Belonged to Kesultanan Deli

The Complex of PPKS Was Claimed to be Belonged to Kesultanan Deli

InfoSAWIT, MEDAN – On Friday (28/9) morning, or one day after the anniversary ofPusat Penelitian Kelapa Sawit (PPKS), Chairani who confessed as the descent and heir ofCik Putih, part of the family of Kesultanan Deli, came into the housing complex for the employee and the palm oil plantation belonging to PPKS in Kelurahan Suka Damai, Sub district of Medan Polonia.

Accompanied by Iqbal, SH, the lawyer of Chairani, they wanted to make the field trial on the areas. All of a sudden, hundreds of the employee of PPKS rejected their visit. It was directly led by Chairman ofSerikat Pekerja Perkebunan (SP-BUN) PPKS, Ilham Lubis, accompanied by the lawyer of PPKS, Refman Basri, SH.

Those who stay in the housing complex of PPKS urged Chairani and Iqbal SH to leave the location immediately. Finally the situation was calm again after the two went out of the complex.

Refman Basri,the lawyer of PPKS said, the area of PPKS belongs to the country. It is the asset of the country too. It is a concession but not part of Grand Sultan, or part of Grand Sultan 251 / 1922 that Chairani claimed.  "If the areas of Grand Sultan 251 that they told, based on the information from Kesultanan Deli to us, the areas are inkampung Baru, not in the areas of PPKS," Refman said, as quoted from Medanbisnis.

Meanwhile, Iqbal SH as the lawyer of Chairani said, their visit to the complex of PPKS was to make field trial and it would be the material to the civil tiral on the area case.

He also mentioned that the areas of PPKS were sold to one buyer some years ago. But he confessed, he did not represent the buyer but he was the representative of Miss Chairani, the descent of Miss Khairul Badriah who was also the daughter of Cik Putih, the family of Kesultanan Deli.

He also denied if the field trial was fail. “It was successful,” he said but denied every argument that was told by Refman Basri and PPKS.

He claimed that Chairani is the descent of Khairul Bariah, and Khairul Bariah was the descent of Cik Putih. About the direct information from Kesultanan, Iqbal mentioned that Sultan Muda published the documents.

The claim of PPKS about the areas as the asset of the country, Iqbal mentioned if it is the asset of the country, of course, there has been certificate on that area. “We got the statement if they (PPKS) listed (the areas), but National Land Agency rejected (to publish the certificate),” Iqbal said. (T2)


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