Agro Andalan Gave Training Scholarship to the Graduates of VC in Sekadau

Agro Andalan Gave Training Scholarship to the Graduates of VC in Sekadau

InfoSAWIT, SEKADAU – Palm oil plantation company, PT Agro Andalan gave scholarship to some graduates of Vocational School (VC) and equal in District of Sekadau, West Kalimantan to join the vocational training in palm oil industry in Institut Sekolah Tinggi Pertanian (INSTIPER), Yogyakarta.

On 30 September 2018, they were let go. The ceremony was attended by the students, their parents, the teachers, and the management of PT Agro Andalan. There were seven students getting the scholarship from SMK Amaliyah, SMA Negeri 1, SMK Negeri 2, and SMK PGRI.

Human Capital Division Head, PT Agro Andalan, Yogo Voluntoro said, the scholarship given is the corporate social responsibility to the local students to be the expert staffs who would work in palm oil factory (POF) belonging to PT Agro Andalan in West Kalimantan.

“In this phase, we would send seven graduates to study in INSTIPER Yogyakarta. They would study there for about seven months, including on the job training in the factory, so that they would be ready to work and have certificate in the technic in POF within the accreditation equal to Diploma 1 (D1),” Yogo Voluntoro said in the official statement toInfoSAWIT, Wednesday (3/10/2018).

He also said, his side is constructing a POF around the plantation in District of Sekadau within 30 tons per hour of capacity. All these years, the company has policy to prioritize the skillful deriving from the areas around the plantation to work in the plantation and the POF.

The company has given scholarship to the graduates in many schools both from the senior high or vocational schools to the colleges having good reputation to educate the students, both in palm oil industries and other study that the company needs of. “In every single year, we always give scholarship to the graduates locally. It is the eigth and we keep doing this in the future,” Yogo said. (T2)


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