Minister of Trade, Indonesia Would Talk about Palm Oil in European Palm Oil Conference

Minister of Trade, Indonesia Would Talk about Palm Oil in European Palm Oil Conference

InfoSAWIT, ZURICH – Minister of Trade, Indonesian Republic, Enggartiasto Lukita does billateral visit and lead the trade mission of Indonesia to Swiss and Spain on 1–4 October 2018 to increase the trade. In Zurich, Enggar would make billateral discussion with Federal Councilor/Minister of Economy, Swiss, Johann N. Schneider Ammann about the final of Indonesia–European Free Trade Association Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IEFTA-CEPA).

“Through the trade mission and series of meeting, it is hoped that this would make more market access and trade advantage, not only in Swiss and Spain but in EFTA, European Union, and global countries. This is the direct chance for the stakeholders of both countries to increase the future trade,” Enggar recently said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

He also mentioned, the IEFTA-CEPA negotiation which started in Jakarta in 2010 run for 15 times and the last, it was done on 27-31 August 2018 in Yogyakarta. IEFTA-CEPA is believed to make the wider market access for Indonesia to four countries as the members of EFTA, both in goods, service, investment, and economic cooperation. The members of EFTA consist of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Swiss. The four have the highest income per capita in the world. “One trade strategy of Indonesia to face the world situation which is full of uncertainy is by accelerating the trade agreement, including EFTA,” Enggar said.

In the visit to Madrid, Spain, Enggar becomes the main speaker in European Palm Oil Conference (EPOC) 2018 and does billateral meeting with Minister of Industry, Trade, and Tourism, Spain, Maria Reyes Maroto Illera.

The meeting is to discuss about the progress of Indonesia EU CEPA and also about the billateral issues in both countries. Besides billateral meeting with the Minister of Trade in Swiss and Spain, Enggar would do business forum and business matching in Zurich on 2 October 2018 and in Madrid on 4 October 2018. The delegations of Indonesia consist of the representatives of palm oil association, the stakeholders in palm oil, textile, textile products, pulp and paper, coffee, jewelry, copper handycrafts, and paper products.

The business forum and business matching are the strategies of Indonesia to increase the exports by making direct promotion to the international buyers. In 2018 Ministry of Trade has successfully done trade misson by making the transaction or potential transaction about US$ 10,2 billion. The trade missions were in cooperation with the Indonesian Embassy.

The trade between Indonesia and EFTA in 2017 reached about US$ 2,4 billion within the surplus trade balance for Indonesia reaching US$ 22 million. Indonesia exported to the countries of EFTA reaching US$ 1,31 billion, while EFTA imported reaching US$ 1,09 billion. The main export products from Indonesia to EFTA werejewelry, optic tools, telephone tools, and essential oil.

The imports of Indonesia from EFTA were turbo jet, medicines, fertilizer, and the mixture of industrial materials. The total trade between Indonesia-Spain in 2017 reached US$ 2,51 billion, within the surplus trade for Indonesia reaching US$ 1,51 billion.

The exports from Indonesia reached US$ 2,01 billion, while the import of Indonesia reached US$ 496,01 million. In 2018 in January -July, the trade in the two countries reached US$ 1,79 billionwithin the trade surplus for Indonesia reaching US$ 970,99 million. The exports of Indonesia in the period reached US$ 1,38 billion, or increased 14,25% compared to the same period in last year, 2017. While the import of Indonesia from Spain reached US$ 408,20 million. (T2)


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