To Prevent the Fire, Sinar Mas Inaugurated DMPA in 10 Villages in Central Kalimantan

To Prevent the Fire, Sinar Mas Inaugurated DMPA in 10 Villages in Central Kalimantan

InfoSAWIT, PALANGKARAYA –CEO Perkebunan Sinar Mas in Central Kalimantan, Willy AgungAdipradhana said the fire control and prevention are the same responsibilities.

In the dry season like this, it is very potential that the fire in the forest and areas happens, namely in Central Kalimantan. We together should protect and keep our surroundings safe,” Willy said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

Based on the data about hotspot accumulation from Geophisic, Climatology, Meteorology Agency, the hotspots in July 2018 in Central Kalimantan were 838 hotspots. This made the province have the hotspot the most after West Kalimantan in the island.

To prevent it, Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food, the global agro business within the integrated palm oil business from the upstream to downstream sector, expandsDesa Makmur Peduli Api (DMPA) program in 10 developed villages in Sub districts of Seruyan Tengah, Batu Ampar, District of Seruyan.

It was officially inaugurated on 20 September 2018 and as the way of the company to prevent the fire in the forest and areas by involving and empowering the local people.

Until now, DMPA program has been implemented in 22 villages in Jambi, Riau, and West Kalimantan. Knowing that the the program is successful in preventing the fire, in the second quarter of this year, DMPA program in Central Kalimantan is implemented in 10 villages developed by the company. They are Village of Sandu, Derawa, Batu Menangis, Durian Kait, Sahabu, Wana Tirta, Suka Mulya, Gantung Pangayuh, Tangga Batu, and Teluk Bayur. (T2)


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