Wilmar Published Action Plans to Accelerate NDPE

Wilmar Published Action Plans to Accelerate NDPE

InfoSAWIT, SINGAPORE - Wilmar International Limited (Wilmar) recently published the new and ambitious time bound plan, developed together with The Forest Trust (TFT) within the goal, to get 100 percent independently, verifyNo Deforestasi, No Peat, and No Exploitation (NDPE) to fulfill the chain of stocks ofin 2020 and the next years.

“The action plans would strengthen our commitment and lead sustainability in palm oil industry. During these last five years, we have been successful to increase the transparency in the industry, decrease the impact of deforestation, and improve the condition of the labors. But we do not stop here. We should keep improving, the challenge will never stop, and the complex issues would be more,” Chief Sustainability Officer, Wilmar, Jeremy Goon said in the official statement toInfoSAWIT, Friday (3/10/2018).

According to CEO TFT, Sachien, by the action plans, his side wants to ensure that Wilmar obeys 100 percent the NDPE policy in every chain of stock and from the suppliers.

“Wilmar urged and supported us to monitor their progress carefully. There are big challenges ahead but we do believe that by commitment we are significantly  going to the goal - responsible, profitable, and sustainable palm oil both for the human and environment,” Sachien said.

The progress of renewal would be regularly reported starting from January 2019. Wilmar would cooperate with TFT and the others to support the change in the chain of stock. (T2)


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